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Impala: Online shopping in Tanzania Mainland & Zanzibar

Shopping online should be easy, faster and cheaper for everyone in Tanzania and that is what impala is all about. Our mission is to make it easier for Tanzanians to shop online for anything that they want. Here in Tanzania, the retail market is still served offline. Millions of products are concentrated in one place(Kariakoo) and many people don’t have access to these markets. Sometimes you might think a certain product or brand isn’t available in Tanzania but you would be wrong, that product or brand might be available and you just don’t know where it is.

Impala makes it easier for you to find products with a click of a button from the comfort of your home or office. You can either search or browse and even discover new products. We have categories like electronics, appliances, football jerseys, health and beauty and we will keep adding new categories as we progress.

We have the best products from top brands at low prices. Deals, promotions and events happens on impala all year round. Just sign up and we will be sending you these deals every week. We also have partnership with delivery companies to deliver your orders as quickly as possible at affordable rate.

We deliver orders all over Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar. We also ship international to any country in the world.

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